New business encourages others to follow their dreams by Adam Jacobs

Feb 15, 2018


A new business in Rexburg is trying to help people find ways to make their dreams a reality.

One Represents One is a consulting firm founded by Soren Petersen. His vision is for people to bring him business ideas, and he’ll help them plan a route to make those ideas actually happen.

“I focus on your talent,” he said. “What are you good at, and what do you have that you can use? I want people to find things other than their day job that they can do, that can be turned into a small business, and eventually be turned into a full-time business.”

Petersen, who is 33-years-old, is no stranger to entrepreneurship. At age 12 he had started a computer repair business out of his home in the Silicon Valley area of California.

“Out of the 22 businesses I’ve started, 16 have been successful,” he said. One of his more memorable ventures was a clothing accessory company that uses seat belts as neck ties. These ties, by the push of a button, can be swapped out and even turned into a bow tie.

After graduating from Brigham Young University-Idaho, Petersen worked at various IT jobs until he completed a certification program for business consulting.

“I found that to be my passion,” he said. “I’ve started a DJ company, a construction company and a marketing company, but I realized I love helping others realize their passions in life.”

Petersen says he knows firsthand that no one wants to do menial work their entire lives.

“Nothing against having a full time job picking potatoes or working at a call center, but that’s not a big talent for some people,” he said. “They want to use their God-given talents in a career.”

Another need for business consulting has arisen from what Petersen sees as a career gap between when students graduate from college and finding their dream job. He hopes that his consulting business will be able to not only help people plan out their business goals, but help get the process started as well.

“I envision an internship program where they find what they want to do and do it,” he said. “This would help bridge the gap between graduation and having the 3-5 year experience requirement employers are looking for. My goal is to give people that experience that they can’t find, so they can either stay here and grow the economy or go do that somewhere else.”

Petersen says anything can be accomplished by talent and hard work, but only if it’s focused in the right direction.

‘I live in St. Anthony, and I hear so many people say that this place was booming right before the economy crashed,” he said. “I see people start new businesses and they question why they fail.”

One example Petersen shared is that too many people focus on advertising for their business when they aren’t good at it.

“They put their product on the back burner while they work on getting their name out there,” he said. “Our motto is, ‘You do your best while we do the rest.’ I don’t feel that Henry Ford got his company off the ground by himself. He had an idea, and his engineers made it happen.”

Petersen said One Represents One would take care of the details that an entrepreneur isn’t very skilled at, allowing them to hone their talents on what they set out to do.

“I would start figuring out with them on what they need help on, and then bring in the right people,” he said, adding that he’s been in the same position in the past.

One Represents One is open for business, and Petersen said he encourages anyone to share their ideas with him so he can help them turn their dreams into a reality.

“I’d like to have them have their idea thought out,” he said. “They should have an idea and a little bit of research. I do free 30-minute consulting so I can figure out where they are and where they stand, and what necessary steps to take on after that.”

One Represents One is located at 15 West First South in Rexburg. For more information about Petersen or his consulting business, contact him at 208-557-9811, at, or on Facebook at One Represents One.