Human Resource Management

     Human Resources and Payroll consulting services with broad background in multinational companies in manufacturing, service, healthcare, and consumer industries. An enthusiastic, reliable team player with proven ability to lead a variety of HR functions and create and improve business systems while building employee morale with bottom line results. Excellent at forming multi-functional alliances to create innovative strategies for accomplish business goals.

     GLOBAL GIE LLC works with client organizations to identify and clarify organizational business issues, gaps, and desired results in the areas of Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits, Compliance, and Implementation. Accountable for customer satisfaction, client retention, and revenue.

  • Lead HR and Payroll departments, define workflow, and staff with talented candidates, maximizing efficiency and improving customer satisfaction
  • Implement policies and procedures and monitor the effectiveness of HR programs
  • Assist managers in developing skills to manage human resources more effectively through coaching, instruction and training
  • Work with legal counsel and Corporate HR to ensure organizational compliance with all federal, state, and local laws
  • Train on Sexual Harassment, Effective Coaching, Performance Appraisal, Workplace Violence Prevention and Selection Interviewing Techniques
  • Design & manage the administration of health benefits programs
  • Participate in salary determination and negotiations
  • Develop & Manage the on-boarding process for new hires
  • Manage the annual performance review
  • Streamline HR processes by utilizing cutting-edge technology
  • Conduct exit interviews with terminated employees and use this data to improve retention and implement improvements
  • Work with Recruiter and Hiring Managers to identify recruiting needs
  • Recruit for key positions as necessary
  • ACA expert