Technological Innovations for the future

     Patient Management & Business Management, including scheduling, billing, inventory management for tracking, inventory maintenance, cost management and reporting, financial reporting, and both custom and standard user interfaces out on the internet as well as in-house intranet services.

     What GLOBAL GIE LLC technology experts use is one that is always first with what's next. So you do not have to worry about the foundation you want your infrastructure be build or expand on.

     The niche markets we work best in within these technologies are those opportunities that have demands that require special handling such as interactive video capture, conferencing, intelligent inventory scheduling for manufacturing and shipping, managing commitment schedules in a user friendly tablet and desktop configuration so as to enhance your functionality and usability, rather than the same baggage required in the past.

     Your office and communications can now be mobile and your management can monitor through GPS and communities between mobile users in order to improve the bottom line.